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January, 2010

40 Ways to Stay Fit Without a Gym Membership

There are quite a few reasons to skip out on a gym membership &#151 it's expensive, you don't have the time for it, there isn't one in your area, or you might just feel uncomfortable working out in front of all those people. Whatever it is, you don't necessarily have to settle for being unfit [...]

by Kyle Tuttle

The 19 Healthiest Foods You're Probably Not Eating

There are a lot of very healthy foods out there, and nutritionists have been kind enough to let you know which ones to eat. After a while, though, their advice seems to all sound the same, and you start hearing the same foods over and over again. However, there are loads of foods that aren't [...]

by Kyle Tuttle

The 40 Top Blogs for Staying Healthy and Fit

Health, to many of us, seems like a concept that always escapes us. Whether we just realized the need to shift to a healthier lifestyle, or we've always wanted to but never have, odds are that we're pretty clueless about how to go about it. Thankfully, the Internet is a gigantic, easy-to-access resource brimming with [...]

by Kyle Tuttle