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December, 2010

Term Life Insurance Vs Whole Life Insurance: A Complete Buyer's Guide

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when choosing life insurance is between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Each of these policy types has its advantages - and disadvantages - depending on your age, health, financial situation and what you hope to accomplish with your life insurance policy. If you're trying to decide [...]

by Miranda Marquit

The 12 Types of Life Insurance: A Complete Guide

Choosing life insurance can be made a little more difficult due to the different options that you have. In order to help you get a better idea of your options, here is a guide to types of life insurance you might run into, divided into classifications of term and permanent. It is important to note [...]

by Miranda Marquit

9 Incredibly Strange Deaths Down Through History

We all know that death is coming, and you never know if you'll make it another day or several more decades. For some of us, a sudden, unexpected and even highly unusual death awaits, leaving others to wonder what went wrong and maybe even have a chuckle at your demise. Here are 10 deaths just [...]

by Miranda Marquit