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January, 2011

How-To Guide for the American Spirit: 10 Lessons to Learn in Tough Economic Times

The American Spirit is older than the country itself. It came from every part of the world to form a nation of dreamers and endless possibilities. While it's only been called "the American Spirit" for close to 250 years, it started in the 17th Century with the indentured servants of the Colonial Period, spread to [...]

by Aric Mitchell

14 Life Hacks to Help You Conquer the New Year

For those interested in actually living life, it is always best to make it a dynamic, ever-changing set of circumstances and challenges that bring out one's full potential. Around New Year's Day, we all start dreaming about the ways we're going to make improvements in the coming year, because-let's face it-there's always something that isn't [...]

by Aric Mitchell