The Top 25 Blogs for Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

by Kyle Tuttle

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While there's something to be said for being happy with one's body image, it can't change the fact that being overweight can lead to quite the number of health issues. Because of this, a lot of folks find themselves needing or wanting to lose weight. However, weight loss can be a difficult endeavor, and without ample motivation, you'll be losing time faster than you're losing weight.

Thankfully, the Internet is a huge source of support. Weight loss bloggers all over the web are sharing their stories and their tips on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With online peers with you on every single step of the way, you'll find that weight loss is a goal that's a lot easier to meet. Here are 25 of the best weight loss blogs to keep you going on your weight loss journey:

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl — Shauna Reid, better known by her alter-ego Dietgirl, once weighed 351 pounds. Thanks to her newfound powers of diet and exercise, Shauna was able to lose half that weight and keep it off! Now she shares her secrets with the world through her blog. With diet tips, product reviews, and exercise guides, you too can be a weight loss superhero!

  2. The Tippy Toe Diet — If you're anything like Cammy, the creator of the Tippy Toe Diet, then you're probably fed up with those drastic diets you can't seem to stick with. Luckily, Cammy's discovered a way to stay through a diet and lose those pounds for good — by following those diets one teeny tiny tiptoe at a time. Follow her as she shares her experiences on her journey to weight loss, one very small step at a time.

  3. Lynn's Weigh — Being a loser isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when what you've lost was 168 pounds. Writer, grandmother, and self-professed loser Lynn Haraldson-Bering successfully lost that weight and dropped from a size 32 to a size 6 in the process! She now uses her blog to inspire individuals who want to lose weight, and to help them meet their goals through some handy diet tips.

  4. Livin' La Vida Low Carb — Jimmy Moore is no stranger to diets; the man who once weighed over 400 pounds tried a few of them, and even lost over 100 pounds in the process. Unfortunately, he always seemed to gain the weight back. Determined to get rid of the excess weight, Jimmy then tried the Atkins diet, and it worked wonders! He lost an astonishing 180 pounds in a single year! Now Jimmy hopes to share his inspirational story and his secrets to weight loss success via his blog.

  5. Mr. Low Body Fat's Blog — With a name like Mr. Low Body Fat, you wouldn't expect Muata Kamdibe's physique to have once been 44% body fat. This English professor from southern California made it his personal mission to change his body for the better, and has now brought his body fat percentage to less than ten percent. Join him as he shares every secret to his amazing transformation through his blog. Pick up exercise and motivational tips from his very helpful entries, and work your way to becoming the next Mr./Ms. Low Body Fat!

  6. Fixing Myself Thinner — For an in-depth, personal account of a woman's war on her weight, give this blog a read. Dawn once weighed an alarming 378 pounds, and has lost 200 pounds over 3 years. Follow her as she tracks her weight every month to see which of her weight loss techniques are effective. Check out Dawn's triumphs and makes them your own.

  7. PastaQueen — For a weight loss blog with a humorous bite to it, look no further than PastaQueen. You may know author Jennette Fulda for her pants #&151 they graced the cover of her book Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir. Her witty observations and hilarious way of looking at things extends into her blog, touching on topics like life, love, and losing weight.

  8. Prior Fat Girl — Follow Jen as she shares her successes, failures, struggles and thoughts in this very personal blog. What started out as your average weight loss blog has evolved into a person's journey after a life-changing event. As Jen discovers new ways to rediscover health and wellness, you'll be finding ways to rediscover yourself as well.

  9. Roni's Weigh — Roni, founder of the weight loss blogging community BlogToLose, keeps you posted through her personal blog, Roni's Weigh. This inspiring professional blogger shares her thoughts and dreams over the Internet, along with some tasty recipes and handy tips for losing weight. She also gives advice on how to stay healthy while losing weight, just so you don't end up starving yourself to death.

  10. Fat Daddy Rants — For a candid look at an overweight father's struggles with weight loss, check this blog out. The self-proclaimed Fat Daddy is no stranger to weight loss plans; in fact, he's gone through a great number of them rather successfully. Unfortunately, the weight has always managed to come back. Determined to shed those pounds permanently, the Fat Daddy now embarks on a mission to lose weight for good. Read about his insights and weight loss techniques, and find the inspiration trim down alongside the Fat Daddy.

  11. Fit Bottomed Girls — Freddy Mercury, vocalist to the legendary Queen, once sang about his love for curvier ladies in the song "Fat Bottomed Girls". While his sentiments are all well and good, the writers behind this blog prefer to live healthy lives as Fit Bottomed Girls. Fitness advocate duo Jenn and Erin will help you find ways to lose that extra weight once and for all, and to improve the quality of your life through fitness. Best of all, the two are real girls with real solutions; not some hoity-toity "fitness guru" with a miracle solution that'll promise results but never deliver. For weight loss tips that work, and for advice on how to maintain your newfound fitness, follow this blog.

  12. From Fat to Fab — Tammy, a self-professed food addict, doesn't believe in diets. She thinks that the only healthy way to achieve weight loss is through permanent changes to eating habits. Although it might take a little bit slower than crash and fad diets, a lifestyle change will definitely take you from fat to fab without causing you or your body any harm. Follow Tammy and join her on her journey to get rid of those extra pounds once and for all.

  13. Deliciously Healthy — Twentysomething Brittany has more reasons than simple vanity to lose weight (although looking great in skinny jeans is a goal, too!). She's got quite the number of health problems, and for all her dreams to come true, she's got to lose some weight. However, she doesn't want to give up her love for food while she's at it. Now she shares her trials, tribulations, and triumphs in her pursuit to better health and a happier life. With her tips and recipes, you can be :deliciously healthy, too!

  14. Escape from Obesity — Life as an obese mom can be harder than it seems; in fact, some just want to escape it altogether. That's exactly what Lyn, the author of Escape from Obesity, has set out to do. By following a few guidelines such as cutting out sodas, controlling portions, and exercising, Lyn has found a healthy way to free herself form the bonds of obesity. She shares those tips and her personal thoughts on weight loss through this very well-written and engaging blog.

  15. Journey to the Healthier Side of Life — Every couple has their own little thing they do together. While some opt for more traditional things like picnics and dancing, Pam and Randall have added a rather unique item to their list — weight loss! Join the two lovebirds on the road to better health and slimmer bodies. With their weekly weigh-ins and monthly photo updates, you can lose weight alongside them and compare your results!

  16. 282.5 — A lot of people choose to lose weight for a bunch of reasons — for health purposes, for vanity, to fit in that gorgeous new dress — but Jo of 282.5 adds another quirky item to the list: to be able to bend over and tie her shoes. Tired of struggling to do so, and of just plain feeling unhealthy, Jo decided to cut the slack and start working her way to fitness. Join her on her journey to shed her extra pounds and start a healthier lifestyle, a half a pound at a time.

  17. Second Journey — Sometimes, the road to weight loss can lead you to a brand new life. This is exactly how Debi feels about her quest for weight loss and self-discovery. After years of being a mother, a grandmother, and so many other things to many other people, Debi is ready to embark on the second half of her life, one that includes a healthier, more fit lifestyle.

  18. Weigh to Go: Diary of a Fat Chick — Debbie's been a self-proclaimed "Fat Chick" all her life. Hoping to put the hardships of being overweight behind her, Debbie made it her personal goal to lose more than 200 pounds. While many individuals would share their experiences as an inspiring struggle, Debbie takes a rather light-hearted approach to weight loss. Inspiration, after all, should come more out of joy than anything else. Check out her blog for a humorous look at her road to fitness.

  19. Something Brilliant is Brewing — Blogger Leslie has found herself in that odd middle-of-the-road stage of life, in which she's "too young to be this old, too seasoned to be this young". Her hunt for a place to put her musings led her to creating this blog. While she originally began the blog to chronicle her personal weight loss journey, she's once again found herself in the middle of the road, as her weight loss has hit a plateau. Now she writes about how she got to her current fitness level, and on how she plans to maintain it.

  20. Who Ate My Blog — Stephen Vinson was fed up with being morbidly obese his entire life. When his weight hit 632 pounds, he knew that it was time to lose those pounds. After starting whoatemyblog.com to keep track of and share his progress in this grand effort, Stephen now maintains an incredibly inspiring memoir of a man's desire to finally find physical fitness.

  21. Off the Couch — Loving life and ready to take it by the hand, Kristina is determined to get off the couch and shake off some weight. This loving mother's energy shines through her words, and her zeal for life is infectious. Follow her daily exploits as she works towards her goal of losing 200 pounds and enjoy doing it. Just how much fun is Kristina having? She just bought a Wii for exercise! For a light-hearted look at her path to a healthier body, follow her blog.

  22. The Chubby Girl Diaries — Kellie wasn't always a chubby girl. After years of torment from numerous people, she actually dropped from 235 pounds to 165 back in 2001. However, as life would have it, she eventually gained 130 pounds and didn't have the time to lose it. Now that she feels she can fully commit herself to weight loss once again and pursue a healthier lifestyle. She's putting her thoughts on these matters and more in her online diary. Go on and take a peek!

  23. Scale Junkie — Diana is a reformed scale junkie. Why? Because she's learned that the weighing scale measures only one part of physical fitness and good health. Now that she's enlightened about healthy weight loss, Diana hopes to shed her extra weight with a holistic approach. Follow her as she strengthens her mind, body, and spirit with a clean diet, proper exercise, and healthy living.

  24. Memoirs of a Fat Kid — It's funny how life can sometimes pull a 180 on you. Take Jordana, for example: as a kid, she was underweight. Later on, however, she would eventually gain weight. Unfortunately, the weight gain wouldn't stop, and she now finds herself overweight. Now she's trying to pull another 180 as she attempts to lose enough weight to get back to the healthy side. With her recipes, fitness tips, and her memoirs as an inspiration, you'll be waving goodbye to the fat kid in the mirror, too.

  25. The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans — This inspiring community blog brings together a group of women (and one man) together for a single purpose: to inspire and motivate each other towards their personal weight loss goals. You'll find alongside their personal accounts a bevy of helpful information, from tested recipes to product reviews to exercise tips. The community itself also acts like an online support group, helping you overcome your own weight problems with sensitivity and respect. Check out this dynamic group blog, and see how you can join the Sisterhood (men are also most welcome!).

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Erika Slater February 23rd, 2010
As weight loss hypnosis is one of my services I try and keep abreast of what is going on in the industry including those using other alternative methods so this another resources to go see what is happening with people trying this stuff.
Health and Fitness February 24th, 2010
Thanks for sharing these blogs. I found more useful information in The Tippy Toe Diet.
Leslie February 24th, 2010
Hi - Thanks for including my blog here - wherever here is! I'm going to investigate your archive. And Just want to add that I'm hoping to be going down the scale again and getting back into my usual level of exercise, as soon as I get my 2nd knee arthroscopy in 3 months, this Friday! My middle ground for now is just trying to stay put and not backslide while I rehab my knee. Thanks again - and I'm hoping to be among the big losers by the time all is said and done. And I will.
Melissa - The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans February 24th, 2010
Thanks for including us on this list of AWESOME bloggers!
Stacey February 24th, 2010
Thanks for posting these! I love keeping up with other diet and fitness blogs and there are a few there I hadn't seen before. :)
Brenda February 25th, 2010
Way to Go Leslie and Tammy for making the list!! (Something is brewing and Fat to fab) We all knew you were superstars!!!! And thank you budget life for posting these top 25, I am going to go read the others now and maybe find a new one to follow!!
kristina February 25th, 2010
thank you so much for including me in this amazing list of bloggers! I read many of them and will def be checking out those I dont!
Tricia February 25th, 2010
What a great list of blogs!
F Daddy February 25th, 2010
Wow! Thank you for putting F Daddy Rants on this list. My blog has really helped me out on this journey. And I get a lot out of reading other's weight loss blogs too, and will be checking out the others on this list.
Me So Hongry February 25th, 2010
I enjoy following both Prior Fat Girl and Off the Couch!!
Jo February 27th, 2010
Wow, what a surprise! I came from a link at Tammy's From Fat to Fab, a blogging friend, and never expected to find myself on the list! I was going to leave a comment that I love Tammy's blog! It's nice to see many of my favorite blogging friends listed! Thank you, I'm honored. I am very happy to report that I can bend over and tie my shoes now! ;-)
mama jes March 27th, 2010
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Debbie @ Happy Maker March 31st, 2010
Thanks for sharing this. My hubby has trouble with his weight and I can use all the help I can get Thanks again, Debbie
Jordanna April 18th, 2010
Hiya - I was looking at my site stats today and noticed some traffic coming from your blog! I just wanted to say thanks for the mention, it's an honor to be mentioned among such amazing bloggers. Just to give you a heads up - I went to self hosting so my blog is now located at http://fatkidmemoirs.com Thanks again!
Kyle Tuttle April 18th, 2010
Thanks Jordana! Glad we could send you some traffic. We've updated the link to your new blog.

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