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9 Incredibly Strange Deaths Down Through History

We all know that death is coming, and you never know if you'll make it another day or several more decades. For some of us, a sudden, unexpected and even highly unusual death awaits, leaving others to wonder what went wrong and maybe even have a chuckle at your demise. Here are 10 deaths just [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Political Assassinations That Changed the Course of History

10. Benazir Bhutto The world watched in horror as Pakistan's former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated in 2007. Bhutto was known for her role as the first female prime minister in an Islamic country. She was shot while leaving a political rally. Her assassin also set off a bomb, killing some of the bystanders. Mustafa [...]

by Miranda Marquit

America's Ten Most Dangerous Jobs

Most people don't think of their jobs as something that could kill them. However, some jobs are more dangerous than others. When you work in certain professions, you could run the risk of death almost every day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles information about the jobs we do, and this includes identifying the most dangerous [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Fascinating Infographics about Death

Infographics offer an interesting way to visualize concepts that can be abstract. Because they provide such a straightforward way to turn ideas into images, infographics have become quite popular. You might be surprised at how many different ways there are of looking a subject when you begin to study various infographics. One subject with many approaches [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Celebrities Who Really Should Have Been Left in the Ground

When you're buried, most people expect you to stay buried. However, there are instances that might require the exhumation of a body. Some people are exhumed so their remains can be moved elsewhere, whether to be closer to their families, to be buried in honor, or to make way for some new building. Others are [...]

by Miranda Marquit

11 Incredibly Weird and Unexpected Deaths

Death comes to us all, and in an infinite variety of ways. Most of us would prefer a peaceful end - or at least a quick and relatively painless death if accident should befall us. Sometimes, though, fate has other ideas. Throughout history, there have been many unusual and mysterious deaths. Some of them have [...]

by Miranda Marquit

12 Unintentionally Hilarious and Ironic Deaths

Death is part of life—there's no avoiding it. And most of us die in ways that appear unrelated to a grander plan. But there are those whose deaths seem to indicate the Universe is conspiring to make a statement. Here are 12 ironic deaths that make an eerie kind of sense: 1. Marcus Licinius Crassus A member [...]

by Miranda Marquit

Pricey Funerals: 8 Incredibly Expensive Ways to Rest in Peace

The sad truth is that dying is expensive. Even a no frills funeral can cost $6,000. By the time you pay for a casket, burial plot and funeral service, it starts to add up. Throw in transportation for the deceased, flowers, obituary notices and other trappings, you are looking at a number that could easily [...]

by Miranda Marquit

12 Truly Bizarre Funeral Customs from Around the World

For thousands of years, humans have mourned their dead. Evidence from Shanidar Cave in Iraq indicates that, perhaps, Neanderthals originated the idea of a funeral. Different customs surrounding the dead have grown up in various places around the world. Funeral and burial customs are still evolving today, as technology advances. Here are 12 interesting funeral [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Steps Everyone Should Take to Prepare for Their Own Demise

No one likes to think about dying, but it's something that we all experience, and ignoring it won't make it any easier. And, while it probably won't be any walk in the park for you, remember that your loved ones will be also profoundly affected by your passing. Indeed, it's not just the emotional effects that [...]

by Miranda Marquit

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