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Life Insurance

5 Common Life Insurance Scams That Can Cost You Dearly

One of the most tempting things about life insurance scams is the potentially large payout. Being the beneficiary of an insurance policy can men millions of dollars when the insured person died. Unfortunately, life insurance, which is meant to be a protection for the insured's family, can become a tool in the hands of the [...]

by Miranda Marquit

The Expert's Guide to Understanding How Your Life Insurance Premium is Calculated

Image source: lululemon athletica When it comes determining your life insurance premium, a number of factors are taken into account. Indeed, number crunchers working for the life insurance company, called actuaries, spend their time figuring out how different factors lead to possible mortality, helping to set your life insurance premium, based on information from others in [...]

by Miranda Marquit

6 Ways to Deny Yourself Cheap Term Life Insurance

Term life is one of the best deals in life insurance. This is because you can receive a great deal of coverage for a relatively small amount of money. Term life insurance covers you for only a set term. If you die before the term is out, then your beneficiaries receive a payout. However, if [...]

by Miranda Marquit

6 Money-Saving Tips When Preparing for Your Life Insurance Exam

Image source: adria.richards Ever wonder why you're required to undergo a medical exam before being approved for life insurance? When you purchase life insurance, you pay regular premiums to the company. The company then invests the money in order to earn a return. In order to make money and stay in business, you need to live [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance is a necessity if you want the peace of mind of knowing your family will be financially cared for in the event that you pass on earlier than expected. However, life insurance can get expensive, depending on a number of factors. That's because you have to pay regular premiums in order to [...]

by Miranda Marquit

7 Reasons Tiger Woods Probably Needs Life Insurance

Photo by Keith Allison Life insurance, to some people, might kind of feel like digging your own grave. Who wants to spend that much time preparing for their own demise? But we're all at risk of kicking the bucket earlier than we'd probably like, so it's a good idea to be ready for whatever happens. Plus, [...]

by Kyle Tuttle