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How-To Guide for the American Spirit: 10 Lessons to Learn in Tough Economic Times

The American Spirit is older than the country itself. It came from every part of the world to form a nation of dreamers and endless possibilities. While it's only been called "the American Spirit" for close to 250 years, it started in the 17th Century with the indentured servants of the Colonial Period, spread to [...]

by Aric Mitchell

10 Easy Ways to Minimize Your Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance is a necessity if you want the peace of mind of knowing your family will be financially cared for in the event that you pass on earlier than expected. However, life insurance can get expensive, depending on a number of factors. That's because you have to pay regular premiums in order to [...]

by Miranda Marquit

10 Creative Ways Recycling Can Save You Money in a Tough Economy

Image source: paul bridgewater Independent organizations and government programs all over the world are making it easier and easier for people to recycle, which is great news for planetary advocates everywhere. Nowadays, you probably don't even have to sort your recyclables into groups or place them in [...]

by Carly Schuna

The 40 Top Twitter Feeds to Help You Save Money

Image source: Tweeteronix In these tough financial times, people tend to try out new ways of cutting back on their expenses. One emerging trend is to follow certain feeds on Twitter. The popular social media site contains a wealth of information on saving money. Twitterers from all over the country share tips and discounts at a [...]

by Kyle Tuttle

The Top 22 Money-Saving Firefox Extensions

Photo by focusoft Times are tough, and we could all stand to save a little money. Some folks find themselves resorting to more creative methods of setting a few dollars aside for a rainy day — using cheaper "mystery ingredients" in their cooking, stealing the neighbor's paper for extra coupons, and even not bathing, to name [...]

by Kyle Tuttle