10 Fascinating Infographics about Death

by Miranda Marquit

Infographics offer an interesting way to visualize concepts that can be abstract. Because they provide such a straightforward way to turn ideas into images, infographics have become quite popular. You might be surprised at how many different ways there are of looking a subject when you begin to study various infographics.

One subject with many approaches is death. We all die sometime, although the causes and circumstances may vary. If you are interested in learning more about your eventual devise, these 10 infographics on death offer interesting insight.

1. Population of the Dead

Estimates of the current world population of the living are at more than 6.8 billion. But how many people have died? This interesting infographic looks at how many people have died in the past 200,000 years, as compared to the current population of the living. According to this infographic, Population of the Dead, 106 billion people have lived on this planet. Since only 6.8 billion are alive now, that puts the population of the dead at just under 100 billion. 4.1 billion people died during the 20th Century alone.

2. Chances of Death in America

One of the coolest infographics on death is Chances of Death in America. This interactive infographic allows you to play minesweeper to find different causes of death. Then the infographic provides visual representations of your chances of dying due to those specific causes of death. Includes information on heart disease, car accident, cancer, poison and terrorist attack.

3. Death Odds

Another infographic that offers information on your odds of dying from various causes, Death Odds provides an interesting look at even more probably causes of death. Includes suicide, earthquake, drowning, fireworks discharge and many more. Also includes an interesting figure of the total odds of dying. There is a 100% chance that someone, somewhere, will die of something each day.

4. Leading Causes of Death

Around the world, there are a number of different causes of death. Interestingly, though, one of the biggest causes of death is smoking. Leading Causes of Death considers the different reasons that people die, and points out that six out of the eight top causes of death are actually related to smoking. With 57 million people dying every year, and with the odds in favor of smoking causing a significant number of those deaths, it seems pretty clear that if more people would quit smoking, we'd have fewer premature deaths.

5. Causes of Death

If you are looking for a more organized and detailed look at various causes of death, this infographic is for you. Causes of Death lays out the top causes of death and organizes them by race and age, as well as gender. It is interesting to note that the #1 cause of death for white and Asian males under the age of 35 is suicide. The #1 cause of death for all male youths is suicide. The numbers for females are different, and you could spend hours speculating about the differences in causes of death across gender, age and race.

6. The Dirt on Death

If you are looking for another comprehensive look at death, The Dirt on Death is a great infographic, full of good information. The Dirt on Death breaks death down by intentional and unintentional death (only 68% of deaths caused by injury are unintentional). It also looks at death by disease, violence and other causes. This infographic goes so far as to include by-country information on AIDS deaths, as well as information on women who die from birth-related complications.

7. Swine Flu Mortality

Not too long ago, the swine flu scared many of us. However, in a 300-day period swine flu really didn't do that much damage. Indeed, many think that swine flu was overhyped. After all, in the 300-day period represented in the infographic Swine Flu Mortality, only 5,850 of the more than 50 million deaths were due to swine flue. Cardiovascular problems were by far the biggest killer, and a number of other diseases exceeded the death toll of swine flu. An interesting infographic that puts swine flu into perspective - and cautions us against hysteria.

8. The Death Penalty Around the World

Sometimes people die because they are scheduled for execution for some crime. The death penalty is a debated policy in the U.S., but in much of the world there isn't much of a debate: Most countries have abolished the death penalty. The infographic The Death Penalty Around the World points out that 92 countries have abolished the death penalty, and an additional 36 haven't had executions in the last 10 years. Only 69 countries use the death penalty, and 10 of those reserve it for exception cases, like war crimes. The U.S. is one of 59 countries, including, Cuba, China and much of the Middle East, which allows the death penalty without the qualification of exceptional circumstances.

9. Deadliest Drugs

Which drugs are most likely to kill you? Find out from Deadliest Drugs, an interesting look at drug deaths in the U.K. This interesting infographic also looks at number of reports about the deaths caused by certain drugs. For instance, heroin causes way more deaths than marijuana, but the press reports about marijuana related fatalities are more prevalent. Something that many might find interesting is that alcohol is the second most deadly drug. The list also includes anti-depressants and aspirin.

10. Death by Caffeine

Especially fun is the interactive Death by Caffeine infographic. You can choose your favorite energy drink or caffeinated food, and then find out how much of it would kill you upon consumption. For instance, someone weighing 130 pounds would need to drink about 64 bottles of 5-Hour Energy in order consume a lethal amount of caffeine. Choose from popular caffeine and energy products in the U.S., Down Under and in Europe and the U.K.

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