101 Essential Twitter Feeds to Help You Live Longer and Healthier

by Kyle Tuttle

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General Health Information

    1. WellWire — A friendly team of healthcare professionals provide great information on health and wellness via their Twitter feed.

    2. WSJ Health Blog — The Wall Street Journal's Health Blog brings its Twitter followers news on health and the business of health.

    3. Breast Cancer News — This helpful Twitter feed is one of the fastest, most convenient ways of getting the latest information on breast cancer and breast cancer research.

    4. UGWellness — The mind behind and host of the Underground Wellness Channel on YouTube spreads his enthusiasm for health on his Twitter feed.

    5. Daily Me Health — This Twitter feed brings you all the top news on everything related to health in one, convenient package.

    6. Daily Health Tips — Bringing followers tips towards healthier living on a regular basis, this Twitter feed should be an automatic follow for any health-conscious individual.

    7. drugscom — The Twitter feed of Drugs.com delivers the best information and advice on pharmaceutical drugs.

    8. DiseaseADay — The official Twitter feed of the popular website Diseaseaday.com aims to make medicine easy for its followers by providing oodles of links to highly-informative articles.

    9. RL Health — RemedyLife Health gives you exactly what you need if you're looking for basic advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle, along with some interesting facts to boot!

    10. BuzzHealthy — BuzzHealthy delivers tips on staying healthy and avoiding aging before your time through some handy tips and links in this Twitter feed's tweets.

    11. IntiMed — Sex advice and reproductive health news are sent straight to your Twitter feed when you follow the always-helpful IntiMed.

    12. Men's Health Network — Men and their families can benefit greatly from the valuable health information shared through this Twitter feed.

News and Updates

    1. MSNBC Health — Follow the official Twitter feed of MSNBC health, and get the latest health-related updates from the news agency 's website sent directly to you.

    2. CBS Health — CBS Health brings you health news from around the world, all at the convenience of your Twitter feed.

    3. NYTimes Health — Those who get their health news updates from the NYTimes website can now have the latest information sent to their Twitter feeds by following this one.

    4. BBC Health — One of the world's largest news agencies now updates followers with health news via the BBC Health Twitter feed.

    5. CNN Health — CNN Health delivers news straight to their follower's feeds via their official Twitter account.

    6. LA Times Health — The LA Times also updates their readers through Twitter, sending out tweets with links to their articles.

    7. WHO News — The World Health Organization, the official health authority of the United Nations, keeps the globe posted on the latest updates through its Twitter feed.

    8. theheartorg — Shelley Wood, the managing editor of Heartwire, brings you updates from the world's online authority on cardiovascular health.

    9. Health — Updates from Health News Blog, a comprehensive blog about all things health-related, come straight to your Twitter feed when you follow this account.

    10. HealthHive — HealthHive is a Twitter feed that brings you live health news from all over the world at its most convenient.

    11. NIH for Health — The National Institute of Health brings you news on the latest medical breakthroughs directly to your Twitter feed.

    12. PulseonHealth — Stay in the loop on everything related to health by following this great health news aggregator.

    13. Medscape — If you'd like to stay on the pulse in health and medical news, as well as in medical conventions, this Twitter feed has what you need.

    14. MedCodes — For a steady stream of the latest news in and around the medical industry, follow this regularly-updated Twitter feed.

    15. BeWellBuzz — For free information on cutting-edge health technology and the latest news in general wellness, give BeWellBuzz a follow.

Diet and Nutrition

    1. PureGenesisPure — GenesisPURE health products complement their fine nutritional supplements with interesting health-related finds from around the World Wide Web.

    2. Linda Miner — This practicing nutritionist offers to be your personal wellness guide by bringing you helpful information via her personal tweets.

    3. Joyce Schneider — The Cook half of the Cook and Cardiologist Team provides health info and tasty cooking tips that help you make the most out of the nutrition your food can provide.

    4. Eat This, Not That! — This engaging Twitter feeds brings you links to articles on healthy eating habits, as well as great trivia tidbits on food and its nutritional value.

    5. Whole Foods Market — One of the country's biggest suppliers of highly-nutritional whole foods keeps in touch with its customers and offers a lot of friendly advice through its own Twitter feed.

    6. FitMenu — The incredibly useful guide to eating healthy at restaurants is now on Twitter, offering excellent tips on getting proper nutrition at minimal effort.

    7. NutritiousFeast — Now you can have your personal Twitter dietician simply by following this feed and the great advice it gives on eating healthy.

    8. Vtrim — Backed by over 17 years of research at the University of Vermont, Vtrim's Twitter feed brings you handy tips and useful facts on getting optimal nutrition.

    9. LetGoHealthy — This Thailand-based Twitter shows you how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved simply by learning more about the food you eat.

    10. NutritionHelper — If you're clueless on how to start eating healthier, following this information-packed Twitter feed is a great first step.

    11. Fooducate — Fooducate wants to help everyone eat a little better by giving them the lowdown on diet and proper nutrition.

    12. Nutrition News — For all the latest facts and finds on anything and everything related to health, follow the Nutrition News Twitter feed.

    13. DietitianJanel — Dietitian Janel Ovrut shares her love for a healthy lifestyle and teaches you how to eat well through her helpful tweets.

    14. NaturallySavvy — As your personal guides to natural and organic lifestyles, the team behind NaturallySavvy provide oodles of tips that'll improve the overall quality of your health.

    15. Cooking Light — Those of us watching our weight will no doubt find the advice from this healthy cooking Twitter feed extremely welcome.

Fitness and Exercise

    1. Health Habits — A Canadian personal trainer shares his obsession with health and fitness through tweets that contain links to some very informative articles.

    2. Dai Manuel — Fitness enthusiast and self-professed Twitterholic's love for a fit lifestyle spills over to his Twitter feed for all his followers to enjoy.

    3. Fitness PT — Get expert advice from a professional personal trainer via this Twitter feed.

    4. MyTrainerBob — Get up close and personal with The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper as he shares his life and love for fitness to Twitter users everywhere.

    5. Fitness4Her — Personal trainer and sports nutritionist Karen Ficarelli hopes to inspire and motivate women into living healthier and fitter lifestyles through her work, website, and Twitter feed.

    6. GirlGetStrong — The cheeky fitness website for women delivers convenient updates and helpful tips through its own Twitter feed.

    7. IDEA Fit — The world's largest organization of health and fitness professionals brings its Twitter followers fantastic updates on keeping fit and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

    8. DailyFitnessTip — For daily advice on how to stay fit, follow this very useful Twitter feed.

    9. LiftItBuddy — Getting your fitness and exercise questions answered is now as simple as tweeting, thanks to LiftItBuddy.

    10. ActiveLife4U — With all the tips and info this Twitter feed sends its followers, an active, physically-fit life is a lot easier to achieve.

Healthy Lifestyle

    1. GHC Health — The Global Healing Center delivers tips and updates on living a healthy lifestyle through natural and organic means.

    2. OrganicJar — A health advocate brings his passion for healthy living to Twitter with his friendly, personal updates.

    3. LifeScript — A friendly team of seven health-loving individuals show you that a healthy lifestyle can be a practical one, too!

    4. UT Medical Center — Advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier to come by these days, thanks to the great tweets courtesy of the UT Medical Center.

    5. PureChef — For some valuable tips on living and maintaining a healthy vegan lifestyle, give This Twitter feed a follow.

    6. Ways2GoGreen — Because a healthy lifestyle isn't really that healthy when the planet itself is sick, Ways2GoGreen helps you be the best you can be by offering tips and information on making the Earth green again.

    7. WellnessLiving — Giving you the latest news on health, nutrition, and lifestyle, WellnessLiving's tweets are full of valuable information.

Natural Health and Holistic Wellness

    1. Health_Coach — Dr. Steven Shuel's Twitter feed is all about natural healing, without the need for pharmaceutical medications.

    2. Natural Health Ed — Ed is a natural health advocate eager to share the latest tidbits and helpful information on natural health strategies.

    3. ihealthtube — The official Twitter feed of the ihealthtube website sends the site's latest updates directly to its readers.

    4. Kevin Gianni — The host of The Renegade Health Show brings you tips and the latest news on natural healthcare.

    5. MBHolistic — The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance sends its followers links to articles on holistic health news and healthy living via its Twitter feed.

    6. Naturalhi — Natural Health International bridges the gap between natural supplements and pharmaceuticals, and shares related news via its very own Twitter feed.

    7. Andrew Johnson — This licensed therapist, self-development expert, and iPhone app developer will help you achieve a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle through his tweets.

    8. MiraclesGoddess — Do your spiritual health a favor and open your heart to the advice and inspiration JoAnn SkyWatcher offers through her personal Twitter feed.

Health Publications

    1. Health Magazine — Health Magazine's friendly staff provide handy health tips and links to interesting health-related articles.

    2. CMIO Magazine — Healthcare IT physicians and executives can now get Twitter updates from one of their favorite weeklies.

    3. Fitness Magazine — Fitness Magazine's editors keep in touch with their readers through tweets chock-full of tips and links to their many helpful articles.

    4. Men's Health — The premiere guide for men's health and wisdom, Men's Health engages its readers in a more personal level through Twitter.

    5. Women's Health — The sister magazine of Men's Health, Women's Health keeps its readers in the loop via its own Twitter feed.

    6. SELF Magazine — With tips on health and wellness, SELF Magazine helps its readers realize their full potentials through their official Twitter account.

    7. SHAPE Magazine — The Twitter feed of SHAPE Magazine brings you links to the same health, fitness, beauty and fashion news that its readers know and love.

    8. Organic Lifestyle Magazine — The official Twitter feed of the digital publication Organic Lifestyle offers links to helpful information on organic living and alternative health.

    9. Runner's World — The premiere publication for running enthusiasts keep you up to date on the most exhilarating form of aerobic exercise through its very own Twitter feed.

    10. Muscle & Fitness — Those of you looking to get buff or sculpt their bodies to the height of physical fitness can get a lot of good tips by following the magazine's official Twitter feed.

    11. Jillian Michaels — Get in touch with Television's Toughest Trainer through her Twitter account and get some of the best fitness advice you can possibly get for free!


    1. Sanjay Gupta — Get to know CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent as he mixes in a little bit of his personal life with some valuable health news and updates.

    2. Kevin Pho, M.D. — Social media's leading voice in health brings you his personal commentary on the latest breakthroughs in medicine and healthcare.

    3. Joseph Mercola — The founder of the top-ranked natural health site, Mercola.com, offers a lot of valuable news and advice on dietary and lifestyle approaches to health.

    4. Kim Duess — The founder of You Be Healthy is a passionate health guru eager to share her own tidbits of wisdom, among other handy things to know, through her personal Twitter feed.

    5. Dr. Joseph Kim — Dr. Kim is an active and influential medical blogger bringing you all his latest updates via links in his tweets.

    6. Dr. Val — A highly-successful physician, blogger, CEO and cartoonist brings you links to extremely interesting health articles.

    7. Bertalan Mesko — This Hungary-based M.D. is an expert on Health 2.0 and shares breaking news on health- and wellness-related items.

    8. Dr. Jefferson Boggs — The charismatic Dr. Boggs offers tips on living healthy, along with tidbits of inspiration and laughter to go around.

    9. Dr. Michael Bermant — Follow Dr. Bermant for updated news and advice on all things plastic surgery.

    10. Dr. Oz — The physician of Oprah fame has his own Twitter account, and keeps in touch with his followers through some handy advice and personal messages.

Mental Health

    1. Brain Line — Links to all the latest news and discoveries on Traumatic Brain Injury can be found in this fascinating Twitter feed.

    2. Louis Rothschild, Ph.D. — A practicing psychologist, Dr. Rothschild provides enlightenment and links to interesting articles on the many different areas of mental health.

    3. Pete Quily — Adults looking for help with ADHD can get in touch with this expert coach through his personal Twitter feed.

    4. Rethink — This England-based Twitter feed hopes to help people with mental illnesses improve the quality of their lives through its helpful, personable tweets.

    5. PsyDir News — If you want the latest updates on the world of Psychology and all it encompasses, follow this extremely-informative Twitter feed.

    6. Mental Health Social — The mental health social network gets even more interactive thanks to this Twitter feed that helps bring updates on the latest in mental health to all interested individuals.

    7. onetosix — This progressive Twitter feed aims to put an end to all the stigma surrounding people with mental health problems inspirational messages and links to articles and videos that shed light on mental illnesses.

    8. NIMH — The National Institute for Mental Health is at the forefront of research on all things psychology, and updates the public through its official Twitter feed.

    9. Dr. Carl Hindy — This practicing clinical psychologist loves to share fascinating finds regarding psychology through his personal Twitter account.

Stress-Busting and Humor

  1. Stressless Jill — Stress can do a lot of damage to your health; this ingenious Twitter feed helps you beat it and live a healthier, happier life.

  2. Funny or Die — It's long been said that laughter is the best medicine; Funny or Die's official Twitter feed gives you all the medication you need with its hilarious tweets.

  3. Cracked.com — Lighten up your mood and live a longer, happier life thanks to the laughs provided by this humorous Twitter feed.

  4. FMyLife — Sometimes, the healthiest way to deal with life's trouble is to let it all out and laugh about it which, incidentally, is exactly is what this Twitter feed is all about.

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Cuidados Saude December 29th, 2009
Wow great list, I really enjoyed it a lot.
Jeff Flowers January 12th, 2010
I found this via StumbleUpon and came to add a few of my favorites, but then realized that they were all here. @GHChealth @Brainline @NaturallySavvy @MyTrainerBob Not sure if this one was on the list, it may have been but I missed it.. But another good one is @GoodHealth. It's basically the twitterfeed for Health.com.
Dana January 12th, 2010
Wow! Great list.. I now follow about 40 of these... thanks to your list!
Kyle Tuttle January 12th, 2010
Dana, Jeff and Cuidados: I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had fun putting this list together. Thanks for dropping by!

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