The 40 Top Twitter Feeds to Help You Save Money

by Kyle Tuttle

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In these tough financial times, people tend to try out new ways of cutting back on their expenses. One emerging trend is to follow certain feeds on Twitter. The popular social media site contains a wealth of information on saving money. Twitterers from all over the country share tips and discounts at a massive rate, helping you save money in 140 characters or less. The trick is to know which feeds are the most helpful. Here are 40 of the most helpful money-saving Twitter feeds for you to follow:

Tips and Tricks

    1. SavingGuide — The popular money-saving website, MoneySavingGuide.com, updates its readers through this official Twitter feed. Get all the latst tip, tricks and advice on saving money delivered straight to your own feed!

    2. AlmostFrugal — Kelly Rigotti won't tell you that she's a "frugal diva", although she does know quite a bit about setting some money aside. This busy mother of three finds time to share tips on frugal living with those tuned into her Twitter feed.

    3. BudgetsAreSexy — For a humorous look at the ins and outs of personal finance, follow BudgetsAreSexy.com's official Twitter feed. You'll laugh your way to a heavier piggy bank!

    4. ManVsDebt — Debt can be the biggest drain on your money, keeping you from saving up for a rainy day. Let Adam Baker of ManVsDebt.com show you how to beat debt and get that money where it really belongs. You'll also get a look into the personal life of is personal finance guru, making for interesting reads.

    5. GetOutOfDebtGuy — If @ManVsDebt wasn't enough to equip you with the weapons needed to take debt down, this Twitter feed will be your extra ammo. GetOutOfDebtGuy offers valuable money-saving information, all for the low price of clicking the "Follow" button.

    6. wisebread — @wisebread is chock-full of helpful information about keeping those dollars in your wallet. Whether through redirecting you to informative articles, or through informing you of amazing bargains, @wisebread will find a way to help you save your money.

    7. myownmoney — Frugal living gets a lot easier with the advice provided by this Twitter feed. If anything else, the sale and promo alerts will save you more than a pretty penny.

    8. SuburbanDollar — Tired of reading those money-saving articles filled with technical words and financial whatchamacallits? Follow this Twitter feed, which offers advice for people who know nothing about personal finance. Easy reading may just mean easy savings for you.

    9. freefrombroke — As anyone who's been there would tell tell, being broke is an awful situation. Make sure you never have to know this fact first-hand by following the handy tips and tricks this Twitter feed can give you.

    10. SmartSpending — Find out what the MSN Spending network and a whole lot of bloggers have to say about frugal living. This Twitter feed aggregate some of the most helpful links and sends them straight to you.

    11. mommysnacks — Saving money and keeping your family happy don't have to be inconsolable. Andrea Deckard shows you how you can achieve both via her helpful tweets.

    12. BrokeAssGourmet — Who says saving money means having to tighten your belt? @BrokeAssGourmet shares tips on saving money with your groceries so you don't have to starve when you're on a budget.

    13. freaknomics — The worldwide best-seller has its own Twitter feed! Give it a follow and gain valuable insight on your finances, insight you can use to save those dollars.

    14. MoneySavingExp — MoneySavingExpert.com wants to help you save money in any and every means possible — and that includes this Twitter feed! Get information on saving money and online bargains from @MoneySavingExp's handy tweets.

    15. LivBetterOnLess — Author Lesley Voth wants to help everyone live better on less. After getting Simply Fantastic, her comprehensive guide on frugal living, published, Lesley continues to share the best advice on saving up through this Twitter feed.

    16. FunMoneyTips — Being thrifty doesn't necessarily mean that you can't have any fun. In fact, @FunMoneyTips believes that you can have fun while saving money! Check out their quirky tweets on how to keep your cash.

    17. GauchoSave — Gaucho's official Twitter feed contains tips and deals shared by members of its bustling savings-inspired community. Find out how other frugal-minded individuals like you save their money, and join in on the savings!

    18. BSimple — Simplifying your lifestyle can go a long way towards boosting your savings. This Twitter feed contains tips and information on how to live healthy and wealthy, while cutting back on frivolity.

    19. LighterFootstep — Why stop at saving money when you can save the Earth, too? Living a thrifty lifestyle can also help you minimize your carbon footprint. Find out how you can preserve both your bank account and the environment with the tips in these tweets.

    20. mint — Popular finance site Mint.com shares items about the economy and tips on how to save your money through its official Twitter feed. The articles linked in the site's tweets are packed with useful information, helping you save up enough money for the long haul.

    21. momsmoney — Sometimes, being a mom can be tough on your finances. Let the Mom Money Expert show you how you can build family wealth through informative tweets.

Shopping and Discounts

    1. SavingSense — The cents you save with coupons and discounts can add up, making your bank account a happy camper. @SavingSense brings news about coupons, discounts, and other promos right into your Twitter feed, alerting you of deals you might have never known existed.

    2. cheaptweet — Coupon aggregators can be the budget shopper's best friend. @cheaptweet is a great example of these aggregators, sharing news and information about a bevy of discount coupons you can use.

    3. savings — Can't get enough of coupons? The official Twitter feed of Savings.com is here to deliver even more. With all these cream-of-the-crop deals at your disposal, you'll be saving a mint!

    4. savewithcoupons — Coupons are clearly all the rage among the thrifty, as the Internet seems to be swamped with them. @savewithcoupons sends manufacturer coupons your way, so that you can save money while buying the products you love. As if that wasn't enough, the Twitter feed also sends out free shipping codes to save you even more cash!

    5. airlinedeals — Travelling can get pretty expensive with today's ticket prices. @airlinedeals offers leads to the best airline flight deals on the Internet, so you can afford that getaway you've been dreaming of. You'll also be able to find hotel deals through this feed's tweets, making your accomodations cheap, too.

    6. DellOutlet — Dell's affordable prices drop even more with the fantastic deals sent out from this Twitter feed. If you're looking to buy yourself a new computer system, do your wallet a favor and follow this feed.

    7. AmazonSteals — Deals this good should be considered a crime. @AmazonSteals searches Amazon.com for the biggest discounts to be found in the online retailer's massive catalog. You'll be able to find quality items at dirt-cheap prices simply by following this Twitter feed.

    8. DealUniversity — The tech-savvy and thrifty will be able to find good deals on electronics through this helpful feed. There are more than a few bargains here that are too good to pass up, so keep an eye on @DealUniversity. Better yet, follow it.

    9. booksamillion — Bookworms rejoice! Discount online bookstore Books-A-Million sends its followers awesome deals via its official Twitter feed. Check out their extensive collection of offers and find a good read at a wallet-friendly price.

    10. bluefly_com — Online boutique Bluefly.com shares amazing discount offers on its Twitter feed. With the great deals and fabulous selection at your disposal, you can stay fashionable without breaking the bank!

    11. shoppingkim — Check out how Shopping Kim saves money as she shares the latest deals, discounts, coupons and freebies through her Twitter feed. The promos cover a wide variety of items, so there's definitely something for everyone in the many tweets.

    12. CheapStingy — Are you a Dell, HP, or Lenovo user? Meet @CheapStingy, the Twitter feed that'll help you save oodles of cash with the many discounts offered in its tweets. Follow the feed to let these updates fly straight to you, so you can take advantage of each deal they hit the scene.

    13. CouponCabin — Coupons are everywhere! For the frugal online shopper, that's an extremely good thing. @CouponCabin is one of the most popular coupon aggregators on Twitter, bringing a plethora of deals to its many happy followers.

    14. dailyposts — SavingsHeadquarters.com has made it its mission to help shoppers save on their purchases. Its official Twitter feed, @dailyposts, brings word of some of the best bargains to be found across the World Wide Web.

    15. ShoppingFrugal — Tweeting live from sunny Florida, @ShoppingFrugal brings you the latest in-store and online bargains straight into your Twitter feed. You'll save a bundle with the deals found in these valuable tweets.

News and Information

  1. USATODAYmoney — Keep track of the country's financial picture and see how you'll have to adjust to the changing times through USA Today Money's tweets. With items on the big picture and personal finance, you'll learn how to be smart with your money.

  2. financialtimes — The Financial Times is a recognized authority in the business world, bringing readers financial news with global impact. Follow the publication's official Twitter feed and learn how the world's economy may affect your personal savings.

  3. theeconomist — The Economist publishes numerous articles on both macro- and micro-economic matters. With items ranging from world finance to your personal bank account, this Twitter feed will help you stay informed and prepared with your savings.

  4. CNNMoney — The official Twitter feed of CNNMoney.com brings you updates on the latest business and finance items from both Fortune and Money magazines. With so much relevant information as your disposal, you'll be able to make wise decisions with your money and end up saving a fortune.

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Melissa @SavingCentswithSense.net March 8th, 2010
Thanks for listing me! Always happy to help people save! Melissa @SavingSense
Kim aka @ShoppingKim March 8th, 2010
Thanks for including @ShoppingKim on your list of twitterers that help you save money!
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Thanks for including @freefrombroke!
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Thx for the link bro - got a great group of sites here.
Gail from GrowMap March 18th, 2010
Trying to buy everything cheaper is not a sustainable way to support our economy. I know it seems like a reasonable thing to do when people are struggling financially but it is a short time fix that will make things worse and worse. Please read the post I've linked to this comment to better understand what the real way to improve our economy and restore a better standard of living for all is.

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