When is it time to buy life insurance? The quick answer is you should buy life insurance when your death would leave a financial burden on loved ones left behind. This burden might include things like burial expenses, estate taxes, or replacing the income lost by your death. If your estate is sufficiently large to cover these loses, then you don't need life insurance. Your loved ones can use your estate instead.

Most of us don't have estates large enough to cover the financial burden that our deaths would cause. For us, the first time to buy life insurance is when we get married. Our spouses are probably depending on our income to support the lifestyle you will build together. The next time to buy life insurance is when we get a mortgage, or when we have children. If you are planning college for your children, you should buy life insurance to provide for it in case you die before this can happen.

Once you buy life insurance, don't just forget about it. Your needs will change rapidly over the years. Think about all that can happen in a year's time: births, marriages, new cars, new homes or promotions at work. These events can greatly effect your family and your life insurance policies as well.

When changes happen in your life, consider whether you should buy life insurance. Make sure your loved ones are ready to handle life's curve balls. It's always in your best interest to take that policy out of hiding and review it to make sure that it covers the current state of your life. Look at where your life is now compared to when you bought the policy - has anything changed? Is the amount of coverage adequate for all of the things in your life now?

As you can see, there is never just one time to buy life insurance. Once you buy it, keep it current so it will be there for your family if something unexpected happens. Your life insurance policy is not an investment; it's protection against the unthinkable. Imagine what your family would do without your income, or how would they cover your funeral and burial expenses. Will they be able to survive with the current amount of coverage you have in place?

Having adequate life insurance is more important today that it ever has been; if you are responsible for the welfare of others, it is non-negotiable. Your life insurance policy is a precious gift you are leaving for your loved ones. You've always taken care of them - with a life insurance policy that is up-to-date with sufficient coverage you can continue to do so.

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