Life insurance quotes are affected by many underwriting factors. Most people assume they are in good health and therefore will qualify for the best rate. This is not always the case. Your weight may be a little over the limit for the best rate. Perhaps your cholesterol is higher than what companies will require for the lowest life insurance quotes. They also consider triglicerides, and the ratio of total cholesterol to good cholesterol.

Tobacco usage plays a big role in determining your underwriting class. Life insurance quotes for tobacco usage can be three times the rate for non-tobacco usage. Most companies will quote non-tobacco rates if you have not used tobacco in the past three years. Some will quote non-tobacco is you have not used tobacco in just the past year. None of the companies provide non-tobacco life insurance quotes for cigarette usage in the past year. However, some will make an exception for non-cigarette tobacco usage, or for occasional cigar usage. Your agent will consider all of these factors when providing you with life insurance quotes.

To qualify for the lowest life insurance quotes, you will need to complete a paramedical exam, which measures your height, weight and blood pressure. The examiner will also take a blood sample and a urine specimen, both of which are sent to a laboratory for examination. Finally, the examiner will have you complete a questionnaire about your health history, family health history, and occupational and lifestyle factors.

When the life insurance underwriter has reviewed all of these factors, he or she will issue a decision on your rate class. Only then will you know what your actual premium will be. People are sometimes surprised at this point, because they thought they were in perfect health. It is important to work with an agent who will not only provide you with the lowest life insurance quotes, but who will also help you evaluate all of your underwriting factors. This way, you will have a better understanding of what your actual premium will be.

A good agent knows which company will offer you the lowest life insurance quotes, based on your underwriting factors. Make sure to provide all the information you can, so that your agent can help you select the best company. If other things turn up later in your medical records, you will be disappointed by the results. At this point, a good agent will help you make another assessment and submit your application to another company.