Life Insurance for Female Non-Smoker, Age su Preferred Plus Underwriting, $250,000 10 Year Level Term Guaranteed

For $250,000 of female smoker life insurance, these were the lowest annual premiums when we published this page. We keep our database updated with any recent changes from the life insurance companies. To see the latest premiums, as well as the top fifteen female smoker life insurance companies, just follow the link of your choice.

Standard Underwriting

  Age 25 Age 35 Age 45 Age 55
10 Year Term $303* $372* $705* $1365*
20 Year Term $370* $565* $1090* $2260*

Preferred Plus Underwriting

  Age 25 Age 35 Age 45 Age 55
10 Year Term $240* $268* $548* $1063*
20 Year Term $275* $408* $795* $1680*

Still, smoker life insurance premiums are more expensive because of the increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Female smokers run a 50% greater risk of heart disease than male smokers. A woman's risk of osteoporosis is also increased by tobacco use. According to the Sun Mountain Women's Health Alliance, smokers are five times more likely to develop wrinkles, and are at a higher risk of premature gray hair.

The good news is that smokers can reverse the damage of longtime smoking by quitting. Even at 65, a female smoker can expect to live three to four years longer by quitting, according to a recent study by Duke University and the American Cancer Society.

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