Height and weight charts are essential tools if you are trying
to manage your weight. We incorporated weight charts into this calculator, so you can assess your risk due to height and weight.

The calculator will show both your medical risk class and your insurance risk class, based on your Body Mass Index, or BMI. BMI is the measurement of choice for many physicians. It equals your weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

Don't worry, the calculator will do the units conversions for you. Just put in your information and click the Click to Check button.

How does this work?

The definition of medical risk classes is from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and it applies only to adults. It is widely used in the medical profession, but it is only a general guide. The classifications are directly related to your increased risk of incurring weight associated diseases. Please consult your physician for your specific case.

The insurance risk classes come directly from the underwriting guides of the life insurance companies in our database. These classes are used to establish the rate you will pay for your life insurance.

It is interesting to observe the seeming discrepancies between these two classifications. For instance, you might see that your medical risk class is Overweight, while your insurance risk class is Preferred Plus. But, keep in mind that these classifications are used for widely different purposes. The medical risk class is an indicator of future health issues. The insurance risk class is an indicator of the impact on your pocketbook, if and when you buy life insurance.