What is your health class?

Here is a rough guide to start the online quoting process:

Preferred Plus Top 20% Excellent health/cholesterol ratios; athletic, no medications,
no premature family diagnosis of heart disease or cancer.
Preferred Top 40% Good health, including weight; no medications,
no premature family death of heart disease or cancer.
Standard Plus Top 60% Fair health, somewhat overweight; limited medications.
Standard Top 80% Fair health, overweight, medications.

No two companies use the same underwriting guidelines. So, it is important that you choose a company whose guidelines provide you the most favorable treatment. For instance, one company may have a cheaper rate, but you may not qualify for it because your cholesterol ratio is outside their guideline.

It is important to choose a company, not with the lowest overall rates, but with the lowest rate for which you qualify. Ask your independent agent for assistance in choosing the best company.

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