If you are having problems getting insurance, it is probably because you don't know where to look. If you need help, follow this link for impaired risk quotes.

For many years, people with significant health history such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer, drug or alcohol problems, or conviction for a felony, were often unable to obtain life insurance. Recently, some companies have started looking for ways to insure these "impaired risks," including cancer survivor insurance, by evaluating each case on an individual basis.

If these companies can not issue a policy for you, then you can still purchase a guaranteed issue policy. These policies are available to anyone and ask no health questions. Typically, these are the most expensive policies of all and have graded death benefits.

The bottom line is: it may be expensive, but you can probably be insured with impaired risk life insurance

Steve Modell is an independent agent representing many companies, with extensive experience obtaining coverage for clients with health problems. You may access his home page at http://www.modellbrokerage.com

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