Life insurer Aetna is adding a funeral planning benefit to its group life insurance policies.

Provided by Everest Funeral Planning & Concierge Services, the benefit is included in new group policies sold to employers with 51 or more employees and will be added to existing policies as they renew. The new benefit is the latest addition to a suite of services the insurer provides to life insurance customers through the Aetna Life Essentials program. Other services include financial planning, estate planning and legal assistance.

"Adding funeral planning is a natural extension of the financial, legal, emotional and physical support we provide directly to Aetna life insurance members," Scott Beeman, head of group life and long-term care for Aetna, said in a press statement.

Funeral planning assistance through Everest will include:

  • Online planning tools
  • Price comparisons and a nationwide price database
  • Negotiation assistance for families working out pricing with local funeral homes
  • Family assistance and plan implementation

Services from Everest advisers are available to employees, their spouses and dependents up to age 26.

Group life insurance benefits

Unlike individual term life and whole life policies, group life insurance policies generally have lower premiums because they spread an insurer's risk of paying out a claim across a group of policyholders. Group insurance may also come with additional resources, such as the funeral planning offered through the Aetna plans.

"Aetna social workers reach out proactively to members and their families during an extremely emotional and confusing time, providing the kind of care that makes a real difference in the lives of our members and their families," Beeman said.

Aetna is not the only life insurance company to provide extra services to its members. Contact your life insurance company to learn what services are offered as part of the policy, or, if you have employer-sponsored group coverage, check in with your employer's human resources department.

Shopping for coverage? Consider value-added benefits when comparing life insurance quotes.