Plymouth, MI -- Interlinx, LLC, an Internet services company, today announced the launch of the free BudgetLife® Index Service, a new Internet World Wide Web site dedicated to providing the insurance purchasing public with a continually updated list of low cost term life insurance rates. The BudgetLife® Index lists the companies with the lowest six rates in each of 32 categories, and it lists the Top 25 companies who provide low rates across a broad range of categories.

Patricia Burt, Interlinx Director of Communications, stated, "Interlinx does not sell life insurance. We are providing the BudgetLife® Index Service as a free public service. If you are a consumer looking to buy life insurance, this is where you do your shopping first. Then you can contact your selected companies or agents at your own convenience. If you are an online provider of term insurance, you might want to consider sponsoring a link to your site to accommodate visitors who would like a personalized quote."

According to Ms. Burt, Interlinx has registered the site with 75 World Wide Web directories. In addition, they are launching an advertising campaign on May 15, using both World Wide Web and traditional publicity channels. Through June 15, Interlinx is providing Charter Sponsors with free links to the sponsors' online quotation services.

Interlinx, LLC is an Internet services company specializing in helping small businesses get started on the Internet, and in developing innovative uses of the World Wide Web. For further information, contact Interlinx, LLC or visit the BudgetLife® Web site at: