Life insurance comes in many fancy packages these days, but it's core purposes are the same as always: to protect a family's source of income, to ensure continuity of businesses and jobs, and to provide liquidity and tax planning toward wealth transfer. The top six life insurance information tidbits are premium, financial strength, underwriting, service, efficiency and agent expertise.

Premium: Obviously, your life insurance premium is going to be a major factor in selecting a life insurance company. To assist you with this, we maintain the Budget Life Top 15 list of Best Life Insurance Companies. This ranking is updated regularly whenever life insurance rates change. This way you can stay on top of this rapidly changing marketplace. Also, you can get an individualized Life Insurance Quote, specific to your situation. Additionally, we provide information on UK Life Insurance. You can also follow this link to learn more about low cost life insurance.

Financial Strength: A life insurance company's financial strength rating is a direct measure of the company's ability to pay claims. You have to ask yourself: If you were buying a parachute, would you buy an A+ parachute or an A++ parachute? A.M. Best has maintained financial strength ratings of life insurance companies for over 100 years. We provide a ranking of these Premium Life Insurance companies, so that you can see which of these A++ rated companies also have competitive life insurance premiums.

Underwriting: Some life insurance companies publish low rates, but then make it difficult to achieve the underwriting classification necessary to obtain those rates. This can make applicants feel like they have been victims of "bait and switch." Make sure to discuss these underwriting intricacies with your life insurance agent. To this end, we provide a tool to select your best life insurance using our online interface to the life insurance industry database. Cancer survivors and those with other impaired risk underwriting factors require special consideration.

Service: Some companies will provide your life insurance agent with a higher level of service and more effective communication of status. Your agent can then pass this service level on to you. You should not be kept in the dark while your life insurance application is going through the underwriting process.

Efficiency: Some life insurance companies are more efficient at processing applications than others. This equates to obtaining your life insurance policy more quickly and with fewer hassles.

Agent Expertise: We encourage you to have an open dialogue with your independent life insurance agent, so he or she can assist in making the choice that is best for you. Remember, your priorities will determine your best life insurance policy. Your agent's expertise can help you make this choice. Here an agent discusses the need for life insurance.