Your life insurance quote depends on a number of underwriting factors related to your health and lifestyle. Some of the major ones are tobacco usage, health history, family history of heart disease or cancer, height, weight, cholesterol and HDL ratio, blood pressure, and driving record. Other factors are also considered, such as hazardous occupations and hobbies, citizenship, and international travel.

Given the number of factors, it is no wonder that people consider the life insurance quote process to be so long and complicated! We have tried to provide some information at this Website to help you understand the quote process better. Here are some of the links that you should consider:

  • Smoker Life Insurance discusses the effect that tobacco usage has, both on your life expectancy and on your life insurance quote.
  • Height and Weight Charts provides tables to help you determine the rate class for your life insurance quote, just considering your height and weight.
  • Impaired Risk Life Insurance and Survivors Life Insurance offer tools for you to use in case your health history is an obstacle to obtaining a standard life insurance quote.
  • Preferred Life Insurance Rates discusses the difference between a preferred and standard life insurance quote. In particular, this article discusses the effect of cholesterol and HDL ratio, hazardous hobbies, citizenship, and driving record.

One additional factor to be aware of is the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). MIB is a non-profit membership organization of life insurance companies, which operates an informational exchange bureau on behalf of its members. When you apply for life insurance, you authorize your company to make a report to MIB of any serious health conditions.

Because of the number of variable involved in producing an accurate life insurance quote, we decided to incorporate these variable into a software program, so that you can pre-screen the results and find the best companies for your underwriting variables. Please feel free to use this tool for your life insurance quotes, and let us know if you have any questions in using it.

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