Canton, Michigan -- February 24, 2003 -- Interlinx, LLC today announced the BudgetLife® Ranking System, and implemented the new software at its Web site at The Ranking System uses database technology to determine the most competitive 15 life insurance companies for consumers.

"Web sites selling life insurance only list the companies whose policies they are selling," says Terry Burt, President of Interlinx, LLC. "The problem is that most consumers are not aware of the many competitive companies not listed. This is because these companies don't advertise ... one of the ways they keep their rates so low."

According to Mr. Burt, consumers using these "captive" Web sites often apply with the company showing the lowest rate, not knowing about the more competitive companies. "BudgetLife® is a consumer service, so we use an industry database of competitive companies as the basis for our technology."

BudgetLife® uses the Compulife® database of BEST TERM LIFE insurance companies to locate the lowest rates for a consumer's specified age and gender. The BudgetLife® Ranking System then extracts the lowest rates from a broad spectrum of consumer choices, and determines the most competitive companies. "We try to cover 80% of the demographics of our Web site visitors," Mr. Burt says. "With the BudgetLife® Ranking System, our visitors will have the competitive information they need to conduct an informed shopping campaign."


BudgetLife®, an Internet service for life insurance consumers, was launched by Interlinx, LLC in 1996 as the first Web-based compilation of competitive life insurance rates. In 1998, BudgetLife® implemented its QuoteLink, the first Internet quoting system to use the Compulife® database of BEST TERM LIFE insurance companies. In 2001, BudgetLife® implemented its Expert Quoting System, to enable consumers to find the rates for which they qualify. BudgetLife® does not sell life insurance, nor is it affiliated with any life insurance company.

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