You're a smoker but you still need life insurance. You may think it's impossible to get comprehensive and affordable life insurance with this pre-existing condition. You feel you should not be penalized for smoking; after all you need life insurance too. There are some things you will have to deal with in your search for coverage, but you will be able to get coverage. If you want to be insured and be able to leave your loved ones financial security then you'll want to keep reading.

First, you need to face some facts about your policy. You are going to have to pay a higher premium than someone who doesn't smoke. Its clear that smokers are at a higher risk to get lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. These aren't opinions. They are medical facts that your life insurance underwriter will take into account when computing a policy on your behalf. Even nicotine patches are factored in as a nicotine habit.

The underwriter makes his assessments from risk tables that he uses to come up with a rate classification. Mountain climbers will pay higher premiums than someone who knits because the risk of death is much higher for that activity. Similarly, smoking is a high-risk activity and it is graded on a scale.

When you apply for life insurance, your agents will need to know about your smoking habit. They will need to know how many times a day you smoke, how many packs a week you smoke and what type of cigarettes you smoke. The objective here is to find out whether you are a daily smoker or a social smoker. A social smoker does not smoke every day, and consequently this can affect the premiums that are charged. Daily smokers will always pay higher premiums than those who smoke less frequently.

It's all about risk: the insurance company is taking a risk on you and your smoking habit. The less risk involved in covering you, the lower the premium needed to make the policy viable. You can find a competitive rate if you keep searching. You will have to compare and ask tough questions and be prepared to answer tough questions. Don't give up your search; you will find a policy that you can afford even if you are a smoker.