Your labs have a direct impact on your pocketbook. Life insurance companies have specific targets for cholesterol, HDL ratio, liver enzymes and several other measures. Miss by a few points and it costs you money.

Here is the cholesterol effect on your pocketbook for one popular life insurance company. The dollars shown are annual premiums for a $500,000 20 year term policy for a non-smoking male age 45.


Cholesterol HDL Ratio Rate Class Premium

220 5.0 Preferred Plus $625
250 6.0 Preferred $745
280 7.0 Standard Plus $1,040
300 8.0 Standard $1,205

Life insurance companies all have different underwriting guidelines, although they don't differ too much on the issue of cholesterol. Other factors influencing your premium are height and weight, blood pressure, medications, health history, family history, and various occupational and lifestyle factors. You should consult your life insurance agent for additional details and for premium quotes specific to you.

Additionally, we have software at this Website that will allow you to find your own quote, based on your specific details. Just answer the underwriting questions, and the software will sort the companies available to you based on their premiums. To use this software, just follow this link:

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