Life Insurance for Female Non-Smoker, Age su Preferred Plus Underwriting, $250,000 10 Year Level Term Guaranteed

These tables list the lowest annual premiums, at the time of publication, for $250,000 of male smoker life insurance. Because life insurance premiums change occasionally, we update the database whenever they do. To see the current premiums, as well as the top fifteen male smoker life insurance companies, just click on the link of your choice.

Standard Underwriting

  Age 25 Age 35 Age 45 Age 55
10 Year Term $368* $449* $925* $1778*
20 Year Term $473* $639* $1365* $3235*

Preferred Plus Underwriting

  Age 25 Age 35 Age 45 Age 55
10 Year Term $305* $335* $735* $1600*
20 Year Term $358* $523* $1053* $2425*

According to "Health Effects and Trends", published by the National Cancer Institute in February, 1998, the relative risk ratios of death are less than 2 for smokers limiting cigar consumption to one or two a day for 1) all causes of death, 2) lung cancer, 3) pancreatic cancer, 4) emphysema, and 5) coronary artery disease. Cancers of the oral cavity and larynx have higher risk ratios. The National Cancer Institute states that a "relative risk of less than 2 is considered small and usually difficult to interpret."

While this information is encouraging to moderate cigar smokers, you should be cautious when interpreting the results, as more study is required. The 2001 update to this report continues to confirm that cigars are associated with lung, gastrointestinal, pharyngeal and laryngeal cancers.

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