Return of premium term life insurance has recently become quite popular, with several companies now offering these policies. For many people, it is satisfying to know that their loved ones are protected in case of death, and they will get their premiums back if they outlive their coverage.

How is it possible for life insurance companies to refund all premiums paid during the entire coverage period? The answer is simple: they charge higher rates for this coverage than they do for straight term life insurance. It is a simple calculation to determine the return on investment for buying this type of policy instead of straight term insurance. Ask your financial advisor to do this calculation for you.

To get started, follow this link for the lowest rates in the industry for return of premium policies. Most of these rates are guaranteed by the insurance companies to not increase for the entire coverage period. Make sure to check with your life insurance agent about this.

Find return of premium term life insurance rates.

Then request assistance from an independent agent to determine the best life insurance company, keeping in mind that you may not qualify for all of these rates due to your health and lifestyle.