UK life insurance is usually required by your mortgage lender, or any organisation that lends you significant amounts of money. Additionally, it provides for your family's needs in the event of your death. The proceeds can be used to pay off debts, or to replace your income for ongoing support.

UK life insurance can be obtained in several different ways. Most policies are simply variations of these basic life insurance plans: whole life insurance, term life insurance, endowment insurance. Hopefully, this page will provide some assistance as you research the best plan for your needs.

Here are some of the top UK life insurance companies, according to a recent survey.


Top UK Life Insurance Companies

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UK Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance companies invest premiums paid to build a larger sum than the amount you pay in premiums. Some of the cash is used to pay expenses, including mortality charges, and some may be used to fund a cash account for you. These cash value policies generally perform better if they run for their full term.

If you surrender a cash value policy early, you may not get the return you expected. You may receive less than you have paid in premiums, or possibly no cash at all. Check the terms of each plan that you are offered so that you understand what you are buying. If you have questions, you should seek the advice of an independent financial adviser.