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Whole life insurance is used for final expenses, gifting and estate planning. Typically you will need a smaller face amount than term life insurance, but you want it to be inforce your whole life, vs term life insurance where you need a large amount for a limited term.

Also, you can vary your premium payments to meet different objectives. For instance, you may decide that you want the coverage offered by traditional whole life insurance, but you do not need cash accumulation. If you decide later to build up cash value, you can make a change in premium payments at that time. Or, if you want to maximize your cash accumulation to leave an inheritance, you can do that as well.

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If your need is to protect your income while you have dependents, your agent will show you the lowest cost term life insurance policies. If you want coverage for final expenses, to spare your loved ones that additional burden, there are policies designed for that. If you want to leave an estate, or provide funds to pay taxes on an existing estate, you will want to consider a larger face amount universal life policy. Again, your agent has access to all of these products from over a hundred companies. So make sure to call, or click WHOLE VS TERM LIFE, and take advantage of this free service.


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